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    • Kiki Iwata

      Kiki Iwata

      "Kiki was remarkable, bringing smiles and excitement to all the children with beautiful, creative designs that were a highlight of the celebration.
      The service was professional, the interaction with the kids was warm and engaging, and the quality of the paints was top-notch. Thank you for making my daughter's birthday truly special."

    • Karen Tai

      "我地好鐘意你地既face painting! 你地好貼心,事先會問埋我地Party主題,安排對應既圖器具好齊全、姐姐除左畫工好好,最緊要非常非常有耐性☺️"

    • Shan Chan

      "Shan Shan is patient and works well with children. We've referred her to other friends and could only receive positive feedbacks from them!Highly recommended! Price is reasonable too! "

    • Sherry Chui

      "I am very grateful to have Sherry be the face painter at my daughter's birthday party. She is friendly and incredibly talented. Despite the large number of children at the party, she managed to paint each face with precision and care. Her wonderful way of engaging with the kids impressed me the most, everyone was thrilled with their stunning faces."

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    • Waterproof Body Art

      Waterproof Face Painting: Vibrant and colorful face designs that are resistant to water, perfect for pool parties or outdoor events.

    • Airbrush Tattoos

      Splash-proof summer body art! Our waterproof airbrush face painting dries quickly for a professional look.

    • Magic Hair Braids

      Princess dreams come true with our vibrant hair braids at the Princess Hair Salon! Perfect for princess parties or festival fun. Get that Wow factor!

    • Themed Parties

      Every party is unique with us! We are passionate about crafting fresh party experiences tailored to your specific themes, creating unforgettable memories together.

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